Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Book give-away

I put up the ebook edition of My Double Life a couple of months ago.  The awesome part--I included two bonus scenes that I couldn't put in the print book. The problem with writing in first person is you can only write the scenes that your main character is in. I wanted to write the scene where Alexia's parents met after their long separation and the scene where Alexia's father told Grant who she was, but Alexia was clearly not there in either of those scenes. Thank goodness for the magic of ebooks. Now both of those scenes are in the back of the ebook.
However, since the book is technically a different book than the print My Double Life, it's low on reader reviews. I know a lot of you have read the book (and if not, hey, it's only 2.99) so I'm doing a giveaway based on reviews. At the end of the week I'll count up the new reviews for My Double Life ebook edition, and I'll give away a book to one of every five reviewers. (Your choice of: Slayers; Erasing Time; My Fair Godmother; How to Take the Ex Out of Ex-boyfriend; My Double Life; Just One Wish; It's a Mall World After All; Life, Love and the Pursuit of Free Throws; or Revenge of the Cheerleaders; or ebooks of Masquerade; or Blue Eyes and Other Teenage Hazards)  

As usual, I'll let choose the winners. If your name doesn't show up in your review, then leave me a comment telling me which review you gave. They don't have to even be good reviews. If you have constructive criticism, I'm happy to hear that too. Here's the link:


Julie said...

I left a review. My name does show least an initial with my last name (J.Finlinson). I just have to say I LOVE your books. My all time favorites are Just One Wish and It's A Mall World After All. Every time I am reading one of your books my kids say," Are you reading that author again?" They always know because I laugh out loud through everyone. Thanks!!!

Tiana Smith said...

I left a review :) And my name does show up!

Madeline said...

I left a review. I felt a little weird because I didn't actually BUY it, but I have read it {so at least it's honest, right? ;D}


Anonymous said...

I left a review! I read the book when it first came out. Now I want to re-read it!

Gayle said...

I left a review too! We already own this book, but now I really, really want to read those bonus scenes! :-)

Janette Rallison said...

Thanks, guys!

Holly Bird said...

I left a review. I hope it is okay. I love all your books and could use more. They are a great escape for me. I laugh out loud as well. Thanks

Darla said...

I left a review under the name of "Book & Game Lover". I used some of my review that I wrote for goodreads, but I did change it up a bit.

Batch of Books said...

I left a review. It's under Dena "Books for Kids". I love all your books! :)

Tressa @ Wishful Endings said...

I'll have a review up shortly. :) I didn't realize there were two extra scenes so I obviously need to read them. I have the physical copy of My Double Life and actually just re-read parts of it the other day. :) Can't wait for Slayers #2 and Erasing Time #2!!! My review will be under TSherm. :)

Tressa @ Tressa's Wishful Endings

Celsa said...

This is cool!

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