Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tagged again

I've been tagged again.

As far as the history tag--sorry folks, I refuse to mention my birthday. I try to ignore it as much as possible. We're not even on speaking terms really.

Here are a list of things that should happen on my birthday though:

1) Pizza declared healthy.
2) The government institutes a program where anyone with more than three children receives a subsidy for a maid.
3) Spelling of all words required by law to make sense.
4) And of course: Janette Rallison day declared holiday.
5) Followed by: The Newbery committee apologizes for overlooking her all of these years.

Hey, it could happen.

As for the other tag, I'm coerced into telling the world eight more little known things about myself. (You know, for all of those avid Janette Rallison fans who are making a shrine to me in their homes.)

Here's a short list:

1) My yard--without my permission--has become a stray cat sanctuary. I used to make fun of the crazy cat ladies. Now I am one.

2) I'm addicted to chocolate. Chocolate is my happy place.

3) I can't spell. Really. And yet I'm still a writer, thus proving all of my school teachers wrong. Thank you, spell check!

4) I don't tan. It's just one more way my life isn't fair.

5) I'm a romantic at heart and

6) I hate sad endings. This is the reason I refuse to watch both Romeo and Juliet and Titanic. Who needs to see people die? Did I mention that I hated the movie The Prestige? Well, it bears repeating.

7) I hate sirens. When I hear them I always have to quell the urge to call my family to make sure they're okay.

8) As a child I learned my numbers (and addition, subtraction, etc.) by assigning personalities to the numbers. I sort of thought that everyone did this, and it wasn't until I was working with my fourth child and said things like, "You can remember the nine because he's the sneaky one," that I realized that no, the rest of you don't do this.

It really explains so much about me, doesn't it?


kaykay said...

Janette i love ur book playing in the field

Janette Rallison said...

I'm glad you liked it. It is a fun book.

Mads said...

I can't spell either, Janette, you're not alone. And the annoying part is, you spell the same word wrong over and over and over again!