Friday, April 20, 2007

I hate The Prestige

No, this blog isn't about how hard it is to be famous. (Like I'd know--although lately Brad and Angelina don't look too happy on the cover of the tabloids, so it's probably true.)

This blog is about the movie I just watched: The Prestige. I hated it. I know this has nothing to do with writing and I'll probably take this blog off tomorrow but I just had to vent.

The problem with the movie is that it was well written. It's not like other bad movies which you can spot after five minutes and therefore spare yourself the pain of having to sit through them. Oh no, this movie had an interesting premise. It was well acted. You watch it captivated, to see if it will end the way you're guessing. But here is my advice: Don't watch it. It doesn't end the way you expect, it ends much, much worse.

I have been walking around the house for the last half an hour repeating, "What a horrible movie! Who wrote that movie? Is Stephen King in the credits?"

However if you're into movies where you get to watch revenge destroy people, then yeah, you might like it. For all of you people who want to be happy: Go read one of my books.

Now I will try, pointlessly, to get some sleep.


Heather Moore said...

I just watched The Prestige last week. I wanted to see it because it had such great reviews. The girl at the video counter said it was an edge of your seat thriller. Well, I was quite disappointed. In fact, after reading your blog I remembered something I said to my husband. "They should have asked me to help write it." Not that "I'm" the expert, but even an average viewer can spot the writing flaws.

Anonymous said...

I've avoided the movie because the novel it's based on (by Christopher Priest) is as brilliant as everything else he writes. Not a happy novel, and I'm not likely to reread it anytime soon, but brilliant.


Tristi Pinkston said...

I walked around muttering after seeing Pirates 2. Okay, they aren't really in the same league and I'm not trying to compare one movie to another, I'm just sympathizing with the walking around, muttering. :)

Janette Rallison said...

I could never walk around muttering about a movie with Dep and Bloom. I mean, is a plot even needed?

Julie Wright said...

I saw this movie with my daughter. When it was over she said, "That was messed up." I think her statement pretty well summed up the whol film. Brilliant but disturbing. As far as dep and bloom . . . yeah, no plot needed.

Anonymous said...

Funny story, I typed in "I hate The Prestige" to Google, and your blog popped up. Thanks for summing up the disappointment in this flick - although, Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale... they might be my Depp and Bloom - hence, hot actor redeeming value.

Anonymous said...

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