Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Deep thoughts while I wait for Friday

Inspired Kathy just emailed me to remind me that I signed up for a blog-hop giveaway on Friday. At first I was a little reluctant to do a blog hop, as hopping sounds dangerously close to exercising, and I do enough of that wandering around the house trying to find my car keys. (Don't laugh. One day you will be old, too.)

I didn't want to put up some time-consuming and perhaps meaningful post just to rip it down Thursday night. So instead, I will leave you with a few deep thoughts that I'm sure you'll want to ponder until then.

Are entrances automatically entrancing?

Shouldn't 12:00 pm follow 11:00 pm?

If caterpillars turn into butterflies, what turns into margarine-flies?

How did Harry Potter ever find his invisibility cloak once he set it down?

If all books become ebooks, will trees that are no longer being chopped down for paper still not make a sound when they fall in the forest?

Will I be able write an 80,000 word book by Sept. 1?

That is the most questionable question of all . . .


Tiana Smith said...

I consider it exercise when I walk to the fridge ...

One thing I've always wondered about Harry Potter - if they had the time turner and could use it to save Buckbeak, why wouldn't they just use it to go back to before Voldy became a wizard and change events? Think of all the lives they could have saved (including James and Lilly)!

Janette Rallison said...

So true! Have you seen the How It Should Have Ended version of Harry Potter? Google it on Youtube if you haven't. It's so funny.

There's a Meme out there somewhere that says: Sorry about your parents, Harry. There was nothing we could do. Oh sure, there's the Time Turner, but we're saving that for Buckbeak.

The Girl said...

You really made me think with all those questions. 80, 000 word book?! Good luck with that!
And exercise? I'd rather die than get up from my comfy bed.

Janette Rallison said...

The Girl,
We must be kindred spirits.

A. Johnson said...

True about Harry Potter, but I wouldnt tell JK Rowling if I meet her. Wouldnt want to be a spoil sport! LOL

BlackRabiit said...

80,000 word book... I'm happy with my wimpy 30,000.

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