Friday, May 13, 2011

More Book Trailer Music

It’s time to make a book trailer for the next book in the queue. I’ve spent two days listening to over a hundred and fifty different sound tracks and have learned one very important thing. When you listen non stop to action/adventure soundtracks you lose all objectivity about them.

At first they all sounded too urgent and too noble. They brought to mind Frodo and Aragorn fleeing on horses in Middle Earth. Then I was thinking, no, these are actually all good. So now I'm turning it over to you, my objective blogg fans, to tell me if any of them work.

Slayers isn't one of my usual romantic comedies. True there are some funny parts and my heroine is often snarky, but it's really an adventure. Here's the script for the book trailer thus far:

17 years ago, a dragon keeper secretly brought a pair of dragon eggs through the DC area.

It was a mistake.

Because the dragons emit a pulse that turns certain children into dragon slayers.

Tori doesn’t know why she’s always had a fascination with dragons. They’re not something a socialite, senator’s daughter is supposed to be interested in.

But she finally convinces her parents to let her go to Dragon Camp.

She finds a group of teens who are keeping secrets,

and playing games,

and risking their lives to protect DC.

She has to find her power before the dragon finds her.


Here are the background music choices:

I like this one because it feels more like an actual song then just a building crescendo. (But then, maybe I need a building crescendo?)

Although I'm not a fan of anything heavy metal, and routinelly make my eldest son turn it off and then give him lectures on screechy-devil-music, I sorta like the brief switch to heavy metal in this piece. If it was timed right to come in on the secrets/games/saving DC part it would be a nice emphasis.

This one is actually three songs put together, and it is a tribute to my sudden unobjectivity that I'm like, hmmm, maybe that one would work . . . or that one. Or maybe Trailerbook can just mix and match parts of the music to match the words. I really don't know anymore.

So let me know what you think.

And thank you, thank you, for weighing in.


Anonymous said...

When is this going to come out? Really excited about this.

Oh, and I finished My Unfair Godmother and absolutely loved it! It was I think it was my favorite book by you (although Fame, Glory, and Other Things on My To Do List and Just One Wish were are also my favorites by you. So hard to decide.)

Janette Rallison said...

It comes out November 22. It was a fun book to write. Hot guys, dragons, super powers . . .

Heather said...

My vote is for song one!

Shay, Chelsea and Jonas Allen said...

I like number 3 the most, although they all have many fine qualities.

Admiral Lily said...

My order of preference is:

1st choice (song 2):

2nd choice (song 3):

Third choice (song 1):

Anonymous said...

The cover is GORGEOUS!

Do you know the best way to get the words "audio" and "jungle" from looping again and again through my brain because it's driving me batty!?

I think the cinematic metal trailer works the best. It moves, it's dark but it's upbeat. So it gives a sense of danger with a slice of optimism.


Tabitha said...

So you're writing this under a pseudonym? Any particular reason why?

lauren said...

Yea, who's C.J. Hill? :)

Janette Rallison said...

The whole pen name is sort of a long story. My publisher is trying to appeal to boys even though it really is a girl book. (The main character is a girl and it's mostly in her point of view. Plus there's a lot of romance in it.) I chose CJ Hill because I figure that's the name my mother would have used if she'd ever published. She wrote, and even submitted a couple of books, but died of cancer before she broke into the buisness.

Lulu (The Bookworm is Here!) said...

I love the cover!! I'm so excited for when it comes out :)

I personally like the second song, I don't usually like heavy metal but it kind of adds something to it :)

Also, I just found you on twitter! Yay, I'm so excited about that! And I reviewed (finally got my hands on a copy) of Just One Wish... LOVED IT!! You are an amazing writer, did you know that? Well, I'm telling you now, you're my favourite author!
Here's the link to the review:

Good luck with choosing!! And congrats on the new book :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, my! Dragons! I absolutely love dragons! And I also love your writing, so I can't wait to read this book! :D
My vote goes for the second song, I think it's the perfect theme song for an adventure! :D
-Natália Maia

Janette Rallison said...

Great review, Lulu! Thanks!

lori said...

I like the 2nd one the best! Good luck!

Shari said...

I like #3. Your cover looks awesome. I'm excited for this one to come out. Your premise is way coooooool!

Jessie Clark said...

I'm voting song 2, then song 3.

Can't wait for this one!

lauren said...

Hmmm, that's really tough...

I really like one, and two but I think that the choice would have depend on what type of book it is, or what the trailer is going to be like... (sorry if that doesn't make sense)

I'll go with two. There's more going on in that one.

Kimberly Vanderhorst said...

Definitely number two.

Kami said...

The SECOND song sounds most like an intriguing trailer soundtrack. The other two might be somewhere in the movie itself but don't have the same excitement/wonder impact.

Aubrey said...

I like song 2 best. One is good, and might be fine in a trailer because it would have to be cut, but I found it too repetative. Song 3 sounds like a synthesizer to me.

I agree with your thoughts that the dichotomy of the heavy metal and the rest of the piece would be really interesting!

P.S. my word verification is "mogrant" sounds like a word for a paranormal book.

Connie Onnie said...

I have seen movie trailers that play a favorite song but it just didn't fit visually. I have also not liked a song until I have seen it used in a music video or in a trailer format. I would just pick which one works best with the visual part of the trailer.

Betsy Love said...

Ok, I played all three for my HS students and they totally loved the metal music. I did have a few who really liked the the third. I like the third, but I'm just an old lady, not into the music. It's all about the appeal, right?

tenacious d said...

You used your mother's name as a pseudonym! Awwww! That is so sweet. She is probably very pleased.

Anonymous said...

Love the whole pen name thing...after reading a review of Slayers (which sounds really amazing by the way) I was really curious who this popular young adult romance author was who was using a pseudonym. I spent about 5 minutes or so thinking about who it can be (is C.J. a clue?) and then googled C.J. Hill which brought up more reviews of the book. Genius! I'm a librarian who reads countless reviews and can hardly remember one from the next, but I'll tell you one book that I'll remember and read...slayers. I also love that you can honor your mother in such a meaningful way.