Saturday, November 07, 2009

Faerie Festival

Next Saturday I'll be at the Fairy Festival. (Or if you're highbrow it's: Faerie) You, like me, might not have even known that the faeries all got together once a year to have a festival, but they do. I'll be there with other cool fairy/faerie authors: Aprilynne Pike (Wings) Janni Simner (Bones of Faerie) and James Owen (Here There Be Dragons)--all of whom I know and like! I'll be wandering around at 10:00 buying Fairy stuff but I believe the Author stuff starts at 12:00. (If not, someone needs to come find me and pry me away from the Fairy artwork booths.)

One of my friends is even going to sew my fairy clothes. How nice is that? I need to put her in a book dedication or something. (And yes, I will take pictures.) Here's the official info if you want to come:


Saturday November 14th

Estrella Park in Goodyear

14805 West Vineyard Avenue (in the NAVY area)

10am-9:30pm (IMPORTANT NOTE: No Admittance or Re admittance onto the event grounds after 7pm)

Parking "Estrella Park Fees" $6 per car load

Event Tickets Only $10 ea ages 5 & Under FREE

No pets please

Lawn Chairs and Blankets Welcome

Creative Costumes Encouraged

No outside food or beverage

Come celebrate the folklore and fantasy, mystery and magic of the Faerie Realms with Food and Fun,


Caty said...

awsome! i wish they had that where I live!! but where are the ARC's of My Double Life??

Tina Lynn said...

I didn't know you were going to be there! Awesomeness:)

Lisa said...

Ah! I wanted to go last year but couldn't! Please, mom can we go?

D.R. Cootey said...

That looks like fun, but my Elf has already headed out to Colorado for an Irish feis. So there will be no further traveling this month even if you are only one state away.

Stacey said...

All the cool parties happen in AZ! Have fun and post pics!

Janette Rallison said...

Next blog, I promise. I just had to let people know about the festival. (What did I tell you about believing authors--we lie for a living . . .)