Sunday, October 21, 2007

Houston Trip--see it's not just me.

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Some of you think that I make up all of those embarrassing moments that I stick in my novels. Some of you think that those sort of mishaps don't happen in real life. Well, not only do they happen, but apparently they are contagious--spreading from me to people I associate with, sort of like a bad cold, but with less hacking and wheezing.

I'm sure this is the only reason that things went down in the Houston airport like they did.

Tami Norton, fellow writer, friend, and Houston resident volunteered to play hostess while I was in Texas for a school visits, book signing, and schmoozing with SCWBI folks. It was raining in Houston when Tami went to pick me up and she was worried she'd be late picking me up, so she sprinted through the airport. Unfortunately she was in flip flops and there was a leak in the airport roof. When she ran over a puddle she did a very graceful and lady-like, I'm sure, slip-fall-kerplunk into the puddle.

The problem with landing in a puddle is that it leaves an incriminating wet spot in a place where you really don't want wet spots. Tami had to back her way up into the parking garage, dash to her van, and then spent the next few moments half dressed and waving her pants in the air in an attempt to dry them out. I told her it would have been even better had say, her husband's boss walked by, or perhaps the local clergy, or an old boyfriend--well really, the possibilities are endless. In my mind she still got off lucky.

But anyway, I just wanted to let people know that it isn't just me that these type of things happen to.

Despite the haphazard beginning, Houston was a lot of fun. The homeschoolers and Cook Middle school were great. Blue Willow did an excellent job for my book signing, and SCWBI folks rock. I already want to go back.

Tami and I also spent some time brainstorming for her new novel. How's it coming, Tami? I'm going to bug you until it's done!


Anonymous said...

That's So Funny! My Mom Allways tells me to write embarrasing things down because they'd be great in books. I guess she was right after all.

Tamra Norton said...

I can laugh now, but you wouldn't have wanted to hear what I was saying at the time of "The Fall." Thank goodness your flight was 45 minutes late! I'm definitely using the experience in a book at some point.

It was so great having you here! You really helped me get the wheels turning on this new novel. It's unlike anything I've ever written, so I'm anxious to get it all on paper.

Unknown said...

Have to giggle thinking of the pant waving--and empathize at same time. Glad it all worked out in the end :-)

Julie Wright said...

Thanks for sharing tami's most embarrassing moments :)Dang I wish I'd been there to hang out with both of you!

Janette Rallison said...

Don't worry--I'll see you in March. I'm sure something embarrassing will happen then too . . .

Josi said...

I'm with julie, I wish I'd have been able to hang out with all y'all. Too funny.