Monday, March 19, 2007

Edit Your Novel Month

I heard on the radio that March is the official edit-your-novel-month. Which of course begs the question: Are other authors only editing their novels one month out of the year? How do I get that gig? I'm editing all of the time. Well, when I'm actually writing and not doing all of that promotion my editors have instructed me to do.

Side note: the bow-tied one called two days ago and asked how the latest novel was coming along.

"I haven't written anything in weeks," I told him. "I've been working on all that promotion stuff you wanted me to do."

"Stop promoting and get back to writing," he told me.

The man just refuses to be happy.

Anyway, so March is edit your novel month. The radio people also listed some other things March is, including caffeine awareness month, frozen foods month, and national peanut butter month.

Coincidence? I think not. What do you think authors are eating while they're editing their novels?


Anonymous said...

If I understand right, all those people who edit only in March write only in November. :-)

Janette Rallison said...

Oh yes, the people who write a novel in a month--something that I won't ever willingly do, although if the bow-tied one is insistant, it may end up that way . . .

Anonymous said...

hey i've particapated in National novel Writing Month. It is definately not easy. So when does your next book officially come out?

Janette Rallison said...

How to take the Ex Out Of Ex-boyfriend should be out June 21--and it's a good one!

Kinza said...

Hi Janette!
I just read your book All's Fair in Love, War, and High School and I think it ROCKS!!!! :) I read some where that you don't like some of your cover pages... but you just have to love that one!! It so suits the book and Samantha herself!

I LOVE to write my own stories. And I don't mean those dumb short things teachers have you do! Let's just say that from writing you learn a lot just to make it accurite!

I just found your blog yesterday so I haven't read much of it but I'll be back!

I think it would be cool if a REAL author came onto my blog. Hint Hint! HEHE!! Sorry if that sounds selfish!
Kinza :)

Tristi Pinkston said...

Let's see -- it should also be Bad Hair Month, Unmade Bed Month, Neglected Children Month, and Gain Twelve Pounds Month. All those things happen when I edit.

kaykay said...

im getting play in the field for my birthay

Anonymous said...

This is going to be totally random but I didn't think it was big enough to e-mail you Janette. My mom said that she grew up with you in Pullman. Did you used to live in Pullman? She said she was in your young womens.

This'll be embarassing if I'm wrong but what the hey! I'll ask anyway.

Anonymous said...


Ok, maybe I should have read your Bio first. It says that you did grow up in Pullman, so nevermind on that question. How about this one.

Does Kristine Hansen ring any bells?

Mads said...

Wow, apparently March is a very busy month... I heard on the radio that it's 'get side-tracked on the computer' week. Lol. I wish I had a novel to edit!! (not to be DOING the editing, but to HAVE a novel to edit) I can't wait for HTTTEOOEB!!!!!!!! It's going to be great, I'm sure. All of your books are!

p.s. I haven't been watching your website lately (I've been SOOOO busy), I have missed so much new info!!

p.s.s. I also really like the new cover. And the cowboy is super CUTE.

Anonymous said...

What am I doing instead of editing my novel? Reading your blog. I had a great time at lunch...but next time, let's go without all the riffraff. I don't want to share my Janette Rallison time.

Janette Rallison said...

Hey Kristine Hansen's daughter--

Yes of course I remember your mother! How is she? How many brothers and sisters do you have? Tell her to email me--I don't want you to put personal info out on the web, but she must write. The address is rallison1 at cox dot net