Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It's Official: I'm Old/ Aleeta's Wedding

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My daughter's friend, Aleeta, just got married. (And yes all you savvy readers, I did use the name Aleeta in my book It's A Mall World After All. I habitually stick my children's friends' names in my novels.) Anyway, so Aleeta is now officially a Mrs.

My daughter is nineteen. Aleeta is twenty. When my daughter first told me Aleeta was engaged, I gasped and said, "But she's so young! What's the rush?"

My daughter then reminded me that I was twenty when I got married. In fact, I was younger than Aleeta because my wedding happened about a week after my twentieth birthday.

Details. Details. Twenty-years-old was older back when I was twenty.
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So although the reception was lovely and beautiful and everything a reception should be, it was a little weird because I kept thinking that my daughter--my baby--could be next.
I realized I should start paying attention to reception details because who knows when I'll be put in charge of arranging one.

The conversation between my daughter and I went like this:

Me: I know, why don't you get married on December 26th? That way we can rummage through the Christmas tree lots for discarded evergreens. Wouldn't that make for nice decorations? We could set up rows of Christmas trees in the church's gymnasium.

My daughter: No.

Me: And all the Christmas candy will be fifty percent off--think refreshment table.

My daughter: I'm going to elope.

Well, I hope not for awhile, anyway.
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Mads said...

Wow, 20 and married-- to me that is a little young, but when you're in love... what do I know? I am still in high school!! The pictures were gorgeous, and it looked like a fun time. I think all parents go through that stage, an "Oh no, my baby is going to be leaving me soon!" moment. But they have nothing to fear, we love them WAY too much to give them up (so soon at least). :o) Yum, Christmas candy on the refreshment table. And how interesting to know that's where you got the name from!!!

p.s. A comment to the post before: Switch! I didn't want to either, but the urge over took me and I did it. It is much better equiped with fun stuff to improve blogs!!! Good luck!

Jennifer J. said...

I got married at 22 -- so much more mature. I think as long as you can support yourself, and your kids if you end up having to because THINGS CAN HAPPEN, that marrying young is fine. At this point, I've been married longer than I've been unmarried, so I figure I've earned wisdom and the right to pass it on.

Aleeta looks appropriately starry-eyed.

Anonymous said...

I married when I was 20 as well. Both girls look great (And you are not old!!!)

Camille said...

As the mother of a 24 yr old, I agree, anything before 25 is just too young! I mean my daughter has only been out of college 1.5 years and has only been at her job for a year so she is just learning the ropes ... and ... she just seems so young.

Two of her high school friends got married this year and I had the very same feelings at their weddings. It is not that we worry they are leaving us...it just that we know what is out there. THINGS CAN HAPPEN indeed.

Marsha Ward said...

Janette, you're definitely not old. Dear Daughter is just doing that thing children tend to do: grow up. [sigh]

Janette Rallison said...

I don't recall ever giving her permission to grow up. It sets a bad precedent for the younger children . . .

n.a said...

haha i'm sure i don't want to get married that young either. I love ur wedding ideas for your daugther though :]