Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Double Life giveaway

It is just two short days until My Double Life comes out, so I'll be running a couple of give-aways, but just because I'm putting up a new blog--you can't forget to come to my book launch on Thursday, May 13th at Changing Hands: 7:00 pm. Remember, you're going to lure strangers into your cars and bring them with you. (Details are in the last blog entry.)

Okay, so here's the deal for the free book. Teen Libris and fellow author, Susan Colbank, have interviews with me on their websites and I am just fascinating enough that you'll want to read them both. Then leave a comment on this blog about something you learned about me or the book from one of the interviews. Mention whether you're a follower, since followers get double entries. May the random number generator be with you!




Sydney Y said...

I have learned that you write to avoid housework. (I am not a follower).

Julie said...

I've learned that you've sold 900,000 copies of your novels. Amazing!

And I am a follower


Dani. said...

I learned that your Teem Peeta! Which even tho I'm Team Gale, I can over look because you write such amazing books! :]

I'm a follower! :]

katie said...

I learned that you are planning to write 4 books this year, which makes me so excited! Also that you are Team Peeta just like me!

I am a follower!

Nicole B. said...

I have learned that you sold over 900,000 copies of your books. Ink-redible. (Please forgive the pun. I couldn't resist.) And I AM a follower, even if I can't figure out how to sign back it. (That's why I'm not signed in.) May the luck of the Random Number Generator be with you!

Merry said...

1. I'm a follower.
2. I couldn't get to the teenlibris interview because BYU wireless blocked it. Lame!
3. I learned about (and liked) your inspiration from Taylor Swift in the writing of My Double Life.
4. I really like the Tuesday Visitor site!

Sara B. Larson said...

Hey, Dani took mine. :( I was going to say I learned you were team Peeta which makes me so happy, because I am too! So I will say I learned that you switched allegiance to Jacob in the movies. Again, so did I! Let's go find a Taylor Lautner look alike and crash some motorcycles, okay? ;-) I'm also a follower.

RNG pick me! he he...

Mary Campbell said...

Hi Janette - I'm a follower and I really want to get my hands on this book - especially after reading the interviews. I learned so much about you and It makes me think your even more awesome. I learned that you're writing a sequel to My Fair Godmother and I'm super excited about that. I also learned we're both team peeta and team jacob. I also learned that My Double life is about the importance of family and that makes me want to read it more.

Anonymous said...

Well, I learned that Taylor Swift also plays the cheerleader too.
And I want to know if any of your ex-boyfriends and high school archenemies have already made it into your books.
I could never really choose between Gale and Peeta.

(P.S. I'm a follower!)

msdarcy said...

I learned the exciting news that you are working on a sequel to my favorite book ever, and that you are writing a dragon book under a pen name. (please pick me oh mighty random number generator)
I am a follower- not a stalker.

Janet Johnson said...

I learned that reading your book will make me instantly wealthy, popular and thin. LOVE IT! Totally on my to read list. ;)

No really, mostly because I love your books. Oh, and yes, I'm a follower.

And how in the world do you choose between Peeta and Gale? I'm just glad I'm not Kat (for multiple reasons).

Elise said...

I learned that William Shakespeare is patient. It's a good thing too because I don't really foresee myself snuggling up with his works in the near future.

Of course I am a follower. :)

Jenilyn said...

Go Team Peeta!

I had no idea either that changing hair color from brown to blond would be a drastic change. How nice of Taylor to demonstrate that for you.

I am a follower

Meredith said...

I love that Taylor Swift's music video made you feel better about the whole secret identity thing. I love Taylor Swift. I also love your reason for writing YA.

I am a follower.

I am disappointed that I can't come to the book launch on Thursday. My two BYU-Idaho Pathway classes meet on Thursdays at 7; if only class participation weren't necessary this week. :(

Good luck at the book launch, though!

~Meredith F.
rosesaremyfavorite at hotmail dot com

Kathryn said...

I learned about random questions asked to strangers on the phone to do research for your book. Funny! What kind of tile do they have in the hotel lobby? I'd like to know how they clean it to make it so shinny.
I just became a follower too!

Sara said...

I learned that you're writing 4 books - which makes me unbelievably excited! :) And I'm very curious about that paranormal romance!

I'm a follower!

Sara @ The Hiding Spot

Shiralea W. said...

Haha - I would love to be a writer just to put some of the boys from H.S. that ignored me or ex-boyfriends into books as villans(as I just learned you do). Classic!
Also, I am so happy to see so many people are team Peeta...I can feel the love!
I am a follower on goodreads - does that count?

Cindy R. Williams said...

Okay, Janette, I'm a fan too! 900,000 books sold, now that's incredible. I learned on your interview that you are team Jacob. Good for you. Jacob at least looks healthy and robust, not pasty. I liked Edward better when he was Cedrick Diggory on Harry Potter. He was cute there. Not so much as a vampire.

Aubrey said...

From the first one I read I learned you have a bunch of cats, though I am still curious as to how many exactly. ;)

I also learned this "Alexia takes the job of being a double so she can meet her father." That's a really cool twist! The more I learn about this the more I want to read it!

I'm a follower!

Come on random number generator!

Hall Family said...

1. I am a follower.
2. I learned that you are going to be a very busy person this year! (FOUR BOOKS---yay for me!! Pulling hair out-for you!) :)
3. I also think you're really good at the interview process as well...must come with the writing talent :)

megs said...

I learned that you are doing revisions on the sequel to My Fair Godmother. YAY! And I can't wait for the dragon book. Can I ask--why are you doing a pen name for that one?

I'm a follower!

Janette Rallison said...

The dragon book is under a pen name because it's with a new publisher and it's a new genre--it's more urban fantasy, action than my usual romantic comedy. (Although you know me, there will still be some romance and humor in it.)

Maddz said...

I learned you're Team Peeta! So am I! Although, I sort of change to Gale when he does something cute, but then it's Peeta all the way, LOL!

I'm a follower! (And I totally love your books. Although, they're hard to find in my bookstore, unfortunately!)

Maddz @ www.maddzslightlybookish.blogspot.com

FallingDown said...

i have learned you have sold 900,000 copies of your novels and that your Teem Peeta.

And I am a follower

LucindaF said...

I wonder why anyone would be drawn to pasty white dead and also cold? And did I mention he's also a guy who loves Bella like a fat boy loves cake?

So Janette, I already knew you were hilarious and uber productive on the writing front.

The Dragon book sounds fun. I love it when people stretch. And also, I like dragons. Except the eat women and children kind

Jessie Clark said...

Oh so many things that I learned:
Go team Peeta (I agree)!
Go team Edward (but the movie Jacob is much better, with the books I'm loyal to Edward though).
I love that you're writing a sequel to My Fair Godmother and a dragon book-both make me want to dance around in my living room in excitement.
How many cats do you have exactly? What is that excentric cut off?

Alright, that's more than one. I'll stop. But I am a follower.


Kayla :) said...

I learned that being an author is your karmic payback, because you write all the guys who dumped you as villians, and I adore you for saying that.

I'm also a follower.

Janette Rallison said...

I have (sigh) five cats. All of them strays. I keep hoping that their real owners will show up and take them all home, but no, no one seems to be forthcoming in that regard.

Taffy said...

I am not worthy!
But I am a follower.
Loved MFG and Must. Have. Sequel.
Hmmm, did not know that Taylor Swift was the cheerleader also.

Jennie said...

You get lost easily.

You disguise crank calls by calling them author research.

William Shakespeare is apparently very patient with your reading schedule.

You are my hero! And yes, I'm a follower.

Anonymous said...



(I follow your books, if that counts...?)

P.S. Gale is so much more... Taylor Lautner material (:

Nikki said...

I learned you are writing a dragon book under a pen name and I am very much intrigued!

And something I didn't learn, but was very much amused by, was your, um...inability? to navigate the Phoenix metro area. Love hearing that, as I grew up there and can identify with driving an hour in any direction and still being in the middle of a big city!

I am a follower & a big fan! I recommend your books to everyone!


Enna Isilee said...

I learned that you are team Peeta, which means you are very wise indeed. I also learned that I apparently wasn't the only one who didn't know that it was Taylor Swift who was the Brunette in "You Belong With Me"!

I'm a follower!


Marielle Carlisle said...

Go Taylor Swift and her blond/brunette shifting abilities. I had no idea you used her for research in your book.

I am totally a follower.

Karlene said...

You switched to Team Jacob. ha!

Ness101 said...

You can drive an hour in any direction and not leave civilization?!

That IS wrong. :)

I'm a follower.

LuveitsGrreat said...

I got my pre-ordered copy,I just finished reading it not 15 minutes ago! I gotta say,I loved it! :D

Janette Rallison said...

Thanks for the good review!

Anonymous said...

I learned that you are Team Peeta (thumbs up), are writing a dragon book under a pen name (very interested), and a paranormal romance (versatile much?). Can't wait to read them all.

Wendy Jones

Arya said...

I learned that you would want to be an editor if you couldn't be an author! Me too!! Seems like such a fun job to READ for a living!

Please be with me RNG *fingers crossed*!

Terry Deighton said...
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Terry Deighton said...

I learned that, like me, you get lost easily and hate housework, especially cleaning bathrooms. I follow your blog on Goodreads.

Lani Woodland said...

I'm a follower. You are hilarious! I already knew that though. I learned that you are Team Jacob for the movies. Me too! Oh and I also learned you're brave. You called people you didn't know to ask a bunch of random questions. :)

sdewsnup said...

I'm so excited that you are writing a sequel to My Fair Godmother. My favorite book of yours is a tie between My Fair Godmother and Just One Wish(which made me cry). Keep up the good work! (I am a follower).