Thursday, May 06, 2010

Just had to post this

And when I can figure out how to post the whole thing here, I will. But right now you're going to have to copy and paste the link because for some reason the whole thing isn't linking up.

It is--get this--me in a cooking article. Those of you who know me are laughing right now--or as my husband put it when I told him Raising Arizona Kids was using me for their recipee section:

"So they're doing a humor piece?"

Yes, yes they are. But that's beside the point. It's me in a cooking article. Take that, Martha Stewart.


Kathleen Dalton-Woodbury said...

My dad served a mission in England after World War II, and while there, he learned how to make Yorkshire Pudding. Love it, love it, love it.

Only years later did I learn about the "sweet" version: puff pancake (aka, I believe, "German pancakes" or "oven pancakes").

Yorkshire pudding can be pretty fattening, though--which makes sense because it tastes so good.

Merry said...


Jenilyn said...

Mmm. I love Yorkshire pudding.

Your husband's reaction sounds about like what my husband said when I told him one of the neighbor's had called ME for craft advice.

Janette Rallison said...

Yeah, me and crafts would be another humor article.

One Cluttered Brain said...

Mmm. I picked up your My fair godmother at the LDStormaker's. Looks like a great book. Haven'[t got a chance to read it yet. But when I do I'll be sure to post a review on Good reads.

I LOVE Yorkshire pudding.

Shari said...

Wow. Look how popular you are. You uber talented writer chef, you.

Katie Charland said...

What a fantastic gift for your daughter to be able to share a little piece of her family history through food - and delicious! Thank you for your recipe! ~Katie at Raising Arizona Kids

tenacious d said...

Ah yes...Yorkshire pudding. Definitely a very old Johnson Family recipe. It's not as good as chili con queso with lentils, though. That was always my favorite Johnson recipe.

Janette Rallison said...

That's one of my favorite too--and nope, I can't get my kids to eat that one either.