Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kansas Trip

First of all, I'm going to refrain from using any Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz comments at all. (Even though I'm a big Wicked fan--well, what did you expect from someone who skips out on their parking tickets?)

I'm here at the Kansas Library Association conference and having a great time. Librarians are so cool! Of course my computer, which has a serious evil streak, is acting up--but what else is new?

I'm giving a presentation and a keynote tomorrow. Everyone send good thoughts and prayers my way so I don't start channeling Miss Teen South Carolina. (It could happen. After all, I look like a beauty queen, right? Okay, maybe not. I don't own any sequened dresses and didn't even dress up for the Whitney Awards, but still.)

More later!


Stephanie Black said...

Good luck, Janette! I'm sure you'll be fantastic.

tenacious d said...

You'll do just fine! You're charming and funny. What more can the librarians ask for?

Julie Wright said...

if you say you're coming back with ruby slippers . . .
You'll be great! no nerves no worries, you're adorable and funny when you speak.

Rebecca Talley said...

I hope it went well. I love hearing you speak because you are so dang funny.

And, aren't you glad your editor shared your parking ticket story :)

Anonymous said...

yeah I would wear some ruby slipperers and pull your hair back in a blue ribbon, and replce your purse with a basket.

Enna Isilee said...

That poor girl has become an adjective, it seems.

Hope it was fab!

Anne Bradshaw said...

Hope it goes well. I'm sure it will. You're the expert presenter we all learn from. My daughter lives in Kansas, by the way, so if you hear a British accent, please do say hello :-)

The Golfing Librarian said...

llow me to pull a quote from your post.

"Librarians are so cool!"

Couldn't have said it better myself! (He said modestly.)

Hope all went well. No one threw tomatos I trust.